Driven by the need to develop a cost-effective solution to produce from the low permeability chalk reservoirs in the Danish North Sea, Maersk Oil became a pioneer in applying horizontal drilling techniques. Extended reach drilling increases the effective surface area of the well and therefore maximises contact with the reservoir.

In order to position these long reach horizontal wells optimally, geosteering skills using biostratigraphic data, cuttings and Logging While Drilling (LWD) data were perfected in-house.

Multilateral wells helped to further reduce the number of well slots required to develop the fields. These skills complement Maersk Oil’s toolbox of well completion and stimulation technologies.

During recent years new frontier areas have been added to Maersk Oil's portfolio, setting new challenges. These include deepwater operations and also the ability to handle higher pressures and temperatures than ever before.

  • Deepwater
  • Extended reach drilling
  • Multilateral wells
  • High Pressure High Temperature
  • Geosteering