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Adam Cherrett    
people info
Name Adam Cherrett
Nationality British
Position Lead Research Geophysicist

As a researcher, I really enjoy developing new methods to solve interesting problems. In Maersk Oil, we certainly get many interesting geoscience problems to work on, and there is a great appetite for effective and innovative solutions to them, driven by our strong ambitions for growth and technical excellence.

Unlike in some larger companies, in which research can be seen as a peripheral function, or requiring long testing and industrialisation cycles, at Maersk we get to see the impact of our work on a much shorter timescale. It’s not uncommon to have an idea in the morning, spend the afternoon writing code, and that evening set it running on one of the big computers to support a business decision to be taken the next day.


I work in the Global Subsurface Technology department, at headquarters in Copenhagen. We provide a variety of specialist geoscience and engineering capabilities to support the asset teams around the world; my particular speciality is in quantitative interpretation of seismic data (known as QI).

The management organisation in Maersk Oil is quite flat, and technically strong. This puts us in a very fortunate position, as the work we do is understood and valued, and we have the freedom to develop and use the best possible technical solutions to carry out our role.


When I joined Maersk Oil in 2010, we faced a demand for in-house QI projects that we could not satisfy with commercially available software. One of the main pieces of work I have been responsible for is the development of Jigsaw, our own seismic reservoir characterisation tool. Starting from scratch, we set out to design a new, class-leading algorithm – and the first operational Jigsaw project was carried out later that year. Since then, we have kept adding to the capabilities of Jigsaw, and applying it to datasets from around the world.

It is really pleasing to see the value of our contributions to the company – whether reducing exploration uncertainties, providing results to our partners for field development, or monitoring production mechanisms in mature oil fields.