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Frans van Buchem 
people info
Name Frans van Buchem
Nationality Dutch
Position Principal Geologist

What I like about Maersk Oil is the medium size of the company, the interesting assets it has, and its willingness and determination to grow and change. It is exciting to be part of a company in transition, and to feel that personal initiatives are appreciated and can contribute to achieve the aims. As a geologist, I can be fascinated every day by the quality of the datasets and the potential they hold for new interpretations supporting our business.


The office work environment is stimulating with a highly educated, international staff. The new office lay-out provides for a more informal atmosphere, and an easier communication.

Scandinavian work ethics highly value family life, and a good work/life balance is encouraged. This is helped by the relatively small size of Copenhagen, which reduces home-work commuting, and provides a good setting for family life.


My position gives me a lot of freedom to choose how to add value to the company. A main achievement recently was to set up a team applying a new workflow, focused on data integration and application of new interpretation software. The results were new and valuable for the business; in addition they were obtained by young employees, new to the company, who clearly enjoyed their work.