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Kasper Krag Kristiansen    
people info
Name Kasper Krag Kristiansen
Nationality Danish
Position Geologist

Maersk has always had a special place in Denmark; no other place could I go straight from University and have influence on multi-million dollar investments. Through the years I have worked with Maersk, I have discovered my greatest strengths and how to apply them in my daily activities. It is a continuum of development that helps me define my career path.


It is an everyday pleasure to work in a multicultural environment. As a geologist, I have the world as a work place and combined with a strong social unity with colleagues from different corners of the world, provides a unique and great place to work.


One thing I have really found fascinating is when we drill the horizontal wells, some 6.000 feet below the surface and more than 20.000 feet horizontal and still manage to stay within a target zone of only 9 feet thick, to be the one that calls the short is an adrenalin rush, because you start living for every inch that gets drilled.