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Luzana Verissimo E Costa  
people info
Name Luzana Verissimo E Costa
Nationality Angolan
Position Geologist

Well, I am based in Angola, and all the projects Maersk has there are very exciting. From the pre salt plays, to pioneering blocks that were previously unexplored, to even the CSR projects and how the company is growing there.

It all gives a small sense of pride to be working for Maersk. It is great to see how the company wants to grow inside the country.

Also, being such a global company, it is exciting how much experience you can draw from the different people working everywhere and how connected it all is.


Work/life balance is very good. There is always somewhere to go after work, there is time to plan and do things. Of course, when you have to work, late or otherwise, the work needs to get done, but there is definitely a good balance.


I have also worked in the Danish Business Unit for a MITAS rotation. I was working in Well Planning. It was pretty exciting when a partner meeting came along, and I noticed some of the work I had done was included in the presentation.

Seeing the work that I had done being used verbatim to present to partners was very rewarding.