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Rita Anne Roca    
people info
Name Rita Anne Roca
Nationality American
Position Corporate CSR Manager

What drives me is to work with corporate social responsibility at Maersk Oil, a business with a potentially large footprint, is that I have the potential to make a difference for the company, local communities and other stakeholders.

Ironically, when I moved to Maersk Oil from a renewable energy company I received quite a few semi-negative reactions about moving from a “good” company to a “bad” one. But that’s not the way I see it – when you work with CSR, you aim to make a difference, and what you need for that is a business that has a significant potential for both positive and negative impact, plus the backup from management to do something about it. And we have that at Maersk Oil.

What’s also great is the size. Maersk Oil is big enough to provide ample opportunities for varied international challenges, but still small enough that you can come in close contact with people who make important decisions.

When you work with CSR, it’s essential to maintain that personal contact because you’re either a one-man army or part of a very small team that needs to work cross-functionally and cross-culturally. The shortest and most effective way of getting colleagues on board is to talk to them directly about how issues like labor standards, social investments, human rights, transparency and ethics can help them in their work.

Maersk Oil also has a company culture where it’s not only accepted but expected that you base your work and reputation on values. People want to feel like they contribute not only to the financial bottom line, but also that the way they’ve done it adds value to the quality of the society they work in. When it’s encouraged to have a values based approach to doing business, there’s a solid platform for integrating corporate social responsibility into the business.


We have an empowering work culture where managers delegate and trust that staff will get the job done by using their skills and common sense. Managers don’t hang over your shoulder micro-managing. For this work culture to flourish and deliver results, managers need to trust and everyone needs to be trustworthy. But trust doesn’t mean working 24/7 to demonstrate your devotion – that will just lead to burnout. It’s important to manage your workload and prioritize. Otherwise you could find spend too many nights over the computer and burn out. In the long run, that’s not good for you or for the company.

In my department there’s a healthy respect for work/life balance. That doesn’t mean that we don’t put in the extra hours when the job needs to get done! There’s simply an appreciation for the fact that staff have needs and interests outside of the job.


I recently joined Maersk Oil, so I’m mostly looking forward. Making CSR commercially significant needs to be one or our key goals. That starts with a clear picture of where the risks are in terms of the value chain. A big challenge in CSR, not just at Maersk but in all transnational companies, is to find the right balance of global mindset and local cultural orientation. There’s a lot of ground to cover, but that’s the fun of it.