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Maersk Oil is the operator of all licences held by A.P. Moller - Maersk in Denmark. The joint venture Danish Underground Consortium (DUC), which comprises Maersk Oil as operator and Shell, Chevron and the Nordsofonden (Danish North Sea Fund) as partners, now produces 85% of all oil and gas extracted in Denmark.

First oil production came from the Dan Field in 1972. Since then, 15 other fields have been brought on stream: Gorm, Skjold, Tyra, Tyra South East, Rolf, Kraka, Dagmar, Regnar, Valdemar, Svend, Roar, Harald, Lulita, Halfdan and Halfdan North East. A thirdparty field, Trym, in the Norwegian North Sea,has been tied-in to Harald’s infrastructure.


Maersk Oil has also acquired a number of licences outside the DUC, currently operating licences 9/95, 8/06 and 9/06. In July 2012, the state-owned Nordsofonden (Danish North Sea Fund) entered the DUC with a 20% interest, diluting the shares of Maersk Oil (31.2%), Shell (36.8%) and Chevron (12.0%).

Material projects include the Tyra SE development, followed by the development of the Lower Cretaceous in Adda and Tyra. Longer-term projects include assessing the potential for novel hydrocarbon recovery in DUC acreage.

Dedicated studies and geological/geophysical assessments have led to the maturation of several opportunities. Focus has recently expanded from exploration and appraisal at the Upper Cretaceous level to the deeper stratigraphic intervals of primarily Jurassic age. Maersk Oil has committed to a programme with three firm wells to be drilled in the Contiguous Area during 2013, 2014 and one additional in the Maya licence. 


Maersk Oil’s raison d’être was the need to develop Danish oil and gas after a discovery was made in 1966. Its production has exceeded total Danish consumption of hydrocarbons every year since 1992 and is a valuable contributor to the Danish state. Danish oil and gas reservoirs are characterised by high porosity, low permeability chalk.

Faced with such tight fields, Maersk Oil developed technological solutions to raise the recovery factor from 10% to 30%. It has a leading-edge expertise in extended reach horizontal drilling and well stimulation techniques, thanks to its experience in the Danish North Sea.